Y no me digan anarquiiiiista

All the time we’re loosing mind,
We’re killing neurons looking to others,
We’re not talking
to ourselves,
We need peace,
When peace in the people isn’t.
Being in the head all is our,
The hours doesn’t exist
And the only protector for the thinking
Are skulls.
The peace doesn’t exist
in the others
And that is not so difficult to learn,
Egocentricity isn’t bad,
Maybe a bit,
But only if we live to do (and to make)
What the other
people say.
When to think by yourself,
And to do what you think correct,
Was wrong?
And, who say it?
ahhh, Camila bilingüe...

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Francisco Ide said...

ese poema ("voy a quemar la casa...) es de un amigo, matias.
de donde lo sacaste?